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About Us

About Scarlet Haven Residential

Scarlet Haven Residential Services (SHRS) delivers options for the intellectually and/or developmentally disabled as well as medically challenged adult individuals in Virginia. Providing group home settings offers such individuals the opportunity to live semi-independently, with access to services that improve skills, capabilities, and confidence when it comes to interacting with the community.

SHRS staff is focused on and dedicated to providing individuals with a variety of interventions that optimize function, activities of daily living and quality of life for those diagnosed with a chronic medical conditions, along with a developmental and/or intellectual disability.

The SHRS vision is to provide group homes for adult individuals in Virginia, believing that every adult has the right to a comfortable, safe, and clean living environment based on the supports required by the individual, and the wants of the individual. Assisting those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, adults with complex needs or challenging behaviors, or a combination of such, often places limitations on individuals. Our goal is to enhance skills and focus on developing strategies and treatment plans catered to every individual in order to optimize their abilities for integration within social environments and the community for more fulfilled living.

SHRS offers clinical, physical, and social environments based on community-based home models, providing continuity and stability for those who might otherwise require institutional services. SHRS staff support individuals as well as family members, and provides training, resources and individualized care that not only develops, but enhances proficiency in self-advocacy and self-determination for meaningful life choices.

SHRS offers:
• Access to residential community living;
• Behavioral support;
• Individual support services;
• Transportation;
• Community and individual recreational activities;
• Community supported living arrangements, and
• 24-hr Residential and Skilled Nursing Care.