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Our Story

Our Story - Scarlet Haven Residential Services

About twenty years ago, the owners of Scarlet Haven Residential Services (SHRS), Nenneh Kojo-Brown and Eula Secka worked in group homes for adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities; many of these individuals also had chronic medical conditions. This employment not only served as a way for both women to pay for college, but it also tapped into compassion that neither of these ladies ever knew they possessed. Years later after working in the technology and banking industry, both owners, who are also sisters, decided to start a Home Healthcare Agency in Virginia. The agency, Scarlet Haven Nursing Care, now provides skilled nursing care to children and adults with chronic and treatable medical conditions.

By chance, one of their cousins mentioned an upcoming need for residential homes for adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and chronic illnesses due to the closings of the Training Centers in Virginia. Based on past experience with adult individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, and current experience with providing in-home skilled nursing care, attempting to become a provider seemed like the next logical step for the sisters.

Nenneh and Eula consider it to be an honor to gain the trust of the individuals, their families, and current caretakers to provide residential services to individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities with chronic medical conditions. Both sisters take this trust seriously, and are confident that with the combination of the skilled and experienced staff, and the cooperation of the prior caretakers, Scarlet Haven Residential Services will be able to support the individuals who reside in our homes to live a fulfilled life with all the required supports.